RICKER    Brown County   Milepost 342+1907’      

Origin of Station Name



Agency Opened


December 31, 1885

1886 Personnel


No depot staff listed, this was not an agency station.


B. Kennessy                  Section Foreman    $55/month


Section laborers were Matt Boland, James Brown, J. Matlock and J. W. Matlock.  Kennessy provided them room and board.


1890 Insured Structures


Section House               $655  (Section No. 39)

1921 Depot(s)


Depot 13’ x 36’ Built 1920 “standard suburban”  This standard offered a central room with a covered porch on each side.  The central room in this case was 8’ by 13’, with one shed porch being 17’ long and the other being 12’ long.


1946 Traffic Report


No coverage

“The Earth” Press Coverage


No coverage

Employee Magazine Coverage


No coverage

Junction Other Lines


At this point the right-of-way of the Fort Worth and Rio Grande line from Fort Worth to Brownwood converges with the Santa Fe line.  However, passenger and freight interchange between the lines occurred at Brownwood.


Agency Closed


Non-agency point

Photographic Images



Section House, built 1985. ICC valuation image, c. 1930, Santa Fe Railway.

Operating Bulletins


One bulletin, re movement of siding in 1953.  50 car capacity.


Railroad Commission Complaints



Legal Department Files





The New Handbook of Texas reports Post Office established 1877, closed around 1893.