NOLANVILLE             Bell County

Milepost 235+3673’

Origin of Station Name



Agency Opened


May 15, 1882

1886 Personnel


A. M. Denny                 Stationmaster          $55/month


W. J. Helton                  Section Foreman    $55/mo*

22 Laborers                   Section Crew         $1.25/day


*  For 24.5 days.  Position held for 4 days by D. Flynn at same salary.


1890 Insured Structures


Depot                   $970

Section House      $545  (Section No. 26)


1921 Depot(s)


Wood frame depot built 1902, 18’ by 62’. Board & batten style.  This would have been the second depot.

1946 Traffic Report


Station not listed in 1946 report.

“The Earth” Press Coverage



Employee Magazine Coverage



Junction Other Lines



Agency Closed


November 21, 1957, Railroad Commission Authorization to Abandon Station.  Agency probably closed earlier.

Photographic Images



Operating Bulletins



Railroad Commission Complaints