Copperas Cove            Coryell County   Milepost 254+714’


Origin of Station Name


“Dan Hammack, one of the first surveyors in the county, was running a line near the present townsite when the surveying party came upon a spring with some mineral in it.  Hammock, upon tasting the water, said “Copperas, egad.”  From that time on the place was known as Copperas Cove and the town was so named.”


Agency Opened


May 15, 1882

1886 Personnel


J. D. Howard                Stationmaster          $55/month


James DeLaney             Section Foreman     $55/month

9 Laborers                    Section Crew          $1.25/day


1890 Insured Structures


Depot                    $1195

Section House      $545    (Section No. 28)


1921 Depot(s)


New wood frame depot built 1913 to standard plan, 24’ by 96’, drop siding.  Removed from site, present location unknown.


1946 Traffic Report


Station not covered in 1946 report.

“The Earth” Press Coverage



Employee Magazine Coverage



Junction Other Lines



Agency Closed


July 14, 1972, Railroad Commission authorized discontinuance of agency, docket 3073 RO.  Agency closed July 27, 1972.

Photographic Images


 Passenger depot. Date unknown, photographer unknown.

Operating Bulletins



Railroad Commission Complaints